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The products, which are our own production, are applied over papers by means of suitable machines and they form a barrier film on the paper. The barrier film has high power surface resistance against moisture and all kinds of liquids.  

The application is suitable for boards to be used in contact with food supplies. The products add an extra strength for papers with the effect of resin inside.

Our products for paper coating and barrier:

  • ARcoat 100

  • ARcoat 150

  • ARcoat 1200


Technical information on the products:

-    They are based on raw materials of synthetic acrylic polymers and resins.

-    They are water based, heat and drying should be applied. 

AREMEL LTD. CO. technical support team will be glad to asist you for the application of products and any other enquiries.

Products for Paper Coating and Barrier: Products
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